August 11, 2017

Friday Funny 08/11 (What is Where?)

Or maybe that should be: Things I can't find now; Things I can't find later; Things I'll never find.

I've written a bit about my organization, and labeling on Denali Rose in previous posts. I've asked myself the question; Can I remember where I put things, without writing it down? Here's the answer.... nothing. I remember nothing. I usually go out and buy an item again, because I couldn't find it, or I didn't want to look for it.

It's a good thing, to know where the booze is, when you can't find anything else.

Here's what that looks like.

Locker above lower dinette. I know when to have a margarita! Thanks Alexa.
Under stairs to back cabin

In bilge, before aft head door

We're stocked up for a couple of months of cruising. We have crackers, cookies, nuts, cheeses, snacks, and the freezer is full of proteins. We'll need to replenish our supply of orange juice, creamer, milk, and fresh veggies along the way, as available. We might even catch a fish or two, and possibly some crab and shrimp. One can always hope. Oh, yeah, and cat food, must have the cat food.

Under one side of dinette bench

Notes about what is where on the lid.

We filled the upper bunk in the v-berth, complete with the lists with what is up there.

I must own the Rubbermaid company by now.

We use plastic bags all of the time, so I made this holder for them. Sandwich, quart, and gallon bags are ready for a quick grab.

Need a bag? Pick a bag.

Here's a great idea I got from The Boat Galley.

Whiteboard for fridge contents.

The whiteboard is for the contents of the refrigerator. This keeps us from forgetting what we have in there, eliminating the science experiment gone bad. The other two notes describe what's in the "snack locker". I think I should get another whiteboard, it'll just fit there. Oh, and check out the lower left corner, doesn't everyone have caulk, and a temperature reader on their countertop in the galley?


I made diagram in Google Draw, so it can be updated in our shared Drive. This is the v-berth, with descriptions of what is underneath, and in the drawers. I left plenty of room for Bill to put Denali Rose's spare parts.

Above and below waterline.

This diagram is a very important one, but I didn't do it. The previous owners left this terrific map of the above and below the waterline thru-hulls. Land-lubber interpretation; Holes in boat, yikes. No worries, we have a wooden bung tied on a string to each lever that opens and closes each thru-hull, so if the fitting fails we whack a stopper in the hole.

No need to label the first aid kits, but maybe we need to document or label where they are. 

Marine Medical kit

The everyday stuff.

The large kit is behind the settee cushions in the pilothouse. We don't store anything on top, so that it is an easy pull and out it comes quickly. The everyday stuff plus a bit more, is in the step leading to the galley. I should probably put red cross stickers on them, but also these locations are shared in the "welcome onboard" speech for guests.

I still need to do a diagram of what is under our bed, and inside a few more lockers, but like everything else, this is a work in progress.

Do you know where your "stuff" is? Do you keep a description on paper, computer, or is it in your head? Would you ever do this in your house?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.


  1. Wow you are so organized!! I'm very impressed with your signs.

    1. Thanks! I suppose I should have included that Bill does most of the cooking, and if he doesn't know where something is, I have to go find it. That means I have to interrupt reading a good book, or playing a game on my ipad to find something. :-)


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