August 4, 2017

Friday Funny 08/04 (Leaving the Dock)

Sitting at the dock of the bay...... 

I think we are leaving the marina, and heading out for some fun. It's best not to tell anyone exactly what day we plan on, because then everyone wants to know why you aren't gone, (if you're late), or that they missed you, (if you leave early). We are also waiting on the USPS to deliver a part we need. The brand new water depth transducer was DOA out of the box, and we need the replacement. How much water under the keel is kind of an important piece of information to have. Right now, it says we have 4 feet, no matter if it is high or low tide, that can't be correct!

Check out the weather reports on Storm, a Weather Underground app, for Wrangell, and Gustavus, (Glacier Bay - our intended destination).

Nice! Summer has finally arrived in Southeast Alaska.

I'm hoping for whales, dolphins, and bears, oh my! We're also meeting up with friends in Glacier Bay, who recently retired, and are bringing their sailboat from Valdez. The weather window for them to cross the Gulf of Alaska from southcentral to southeast Alaska, is now, and they are on their way. That means we need to be on our way as well, in order to buddy boat with them when they arrive.

Great website, many boaters around the world use it.

We haven't been on a lengthy excursion anywhere in quite awhile, and I'm going to need to brush up on my nautical knowledge. Lights, day marks, cans, buoys, rules, as well as knots, and ship procedures. Many things have changed now that we have all new, and rearranged electronics.

Bill is finishing up his projects, and I am trying to clean up, organize, stow things away, and (most important), document where everything goes. It seems I rearrange every time, and if I don't write it down, who knows if we will ever find things again. "Honey, where did you put the TP this time?"

Unexpected chores added.

Bill got to do (another) unexpected chore. We heard the bilge pump running in the middle of the night, it's not a comforting sound. He discovered a leak in the head pump mechanism, and since he had been planning to refit to electric, now seemed the time. So in addition to the new instrument install, he has (unplanned) re-bedded the companionway hatch cover, fixed a problem water leak into the pilothouse, and rebuilt the companionway stairs.

Currently, I believe I got the better chore with putting away provisions. 

 Can goods locker-all labeled

The Foodsaver is well used.

Organizing foodstuffs

The sewing machine will be put away, I think I've done enough for now. I accomplished all of the projects that I had put on my list for this summer, and I feel great about that. I have more to do, but it can wait for later.

It's going to be so nice-  
  a. have our home back, clean, clutter free, operational, 
  b. to go have some fun exploring, relaxing, and enjoying ourselves.

PS, my lifelong friend's mother wrote a book about coming to Alaska in the early 1950s. I can't wait to sit in some picturesque bay, with a glass of wine, and read about her adventures. 
Check it out on Amazon.

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  1. You definitely got the better end of the chore stick. I'd rather deal with organizing and sorting out provisions too. Have a fantastic time - can't wait to see pictures from your adventures.

    1. I always say that when it comes to head projects, my job is to be off of the boat!


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