July 28, 2017

Friday Funny 07/28 (Matchy Matchy)

Love the print.

Awkward Family Photos
, it's real, and everyone must match!

Did you know that "matchy matchy" is an actual phrase? It describes too much of one pattern, color, fabric, or accessories. It's a fashion term for being too coordinated. 

It's a false sense of security.

If you have followed along with me, you've  watched how I've been trying to "dress" Denali Rose in a new matching outfit. Have I gone too far, and when should I stop because enough is enough? Will others look at her and say, "that's awkward".

When Bill gets a new device installed, I grab my scraps and whip up a new cover. So far, I have covered the cockpit compass, (not new, but needed a new cover), the new chart-plotter, and the new remote control to the devices in the cockpit. The covers not only protect against UV damage, but they also obscure the big B&G logo.

Cockpit compass

Cockpit chart-plotter

Chart-plotter cover

Remote controls


Of course, all of this is the same fabric as the new sail covers. 

Main sail cover

Mizzen sail cover

Now I'm working on the side weather-cloths. 

Installed for the final fitting, not quite finished, but almost.

I have one instrument on the cockpit bulkhead that doesn't have a cover yet. Since it doesn't have a very deep profile, I had to decide how I wanted to attach it to the front.

Don't worry about the inclinometer reading, we're listing to port because of the fuel tank and batteries on that side.

I think I will use a velcro dot to attach the cover.

Of course everything I make, I dress it up with the custom Denali Rose label.

You can make yours at Dutch Label Shop.

Just in case you wanted to know, we also have custom matching key chains. 😁

Front side

Back side

To make the picture complete when Denali Rose has all her new clothes on, we should don Carhartt shirts, and put the Carhartt collars on the cats, and pose for our family photo. Perhaps I should put the Denali Rose label over the Carhartt label.

Now we are all matchy matchy!

What do you think? Would this make a good Christmas card photo? "Happy Holidays from the matchy matchy Carhartt brown Denali Rose and her crew!" 

How about you? What are your thoughts about matching everything? Do you and your significant other dress alike, do you dress your children/pets to match? Do you match everything/anything to your car, boat, or house?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.

July 21, 2017

Friday Funny 07/21 (Dock Life)

Elsie and Gus

We could actually catch fish off of our dock, someone's child was doing it the other day, but would you want to eat it? Absolutely no.

Elsie and Gus checking out our dock finger.

We have been in the marina so long now, it feels like we might never get away. The good news is that all of the electronics that Bill has put into place, rewired, and turned on, have all worked flawlessly so far. 

We will leave! We have committed to a rondezvous with some friends at Glacier Bay, north of here.

I still enjoy watching the boats coming, and going, and of course it's a daily event. The commercial fishing season is in full swing, and the processing plant next to the marina is always busy. The boats come in with their catch, unload at the plant, sometimes come back to their slip for provisioning, maybe an overnight, and then right back out to work. A local tender, (larger ship that takes the days catch, into the processor, after off-loading it from smaller vessels, so the fishing boat doesn't have to stop fishing), said that they had 78,000 pounds of fish for the processor that day. That's a lot of fish.

It's really fun to watch the transient dock, you never know what might pull in. The other day we had a 110 foot power boat, and you could hear the bow thrusters maneuvering it around the corner, and up to the dock. Last night the largest (personal), sailboat I have ever seen came in. 

It was getting dark, and the cloud cover makes it kind of hard to see in the above photo.

160 foot sailboat, "Georgia"

Here'w one I took this morning on my way to the community center, to participate in water aerobics.

More photos of Heritage Harbor, Wrangell, Alaska.

A power catamaran headed out of the marina, off to have some fun!

We see eagles every day. They live in the forests around us.

Unlike winter, when every slip is full, there are quite a few empty ones now.

Can you tell, I'm grasping to get a Friday Funny out? If you've been following along with Denali Rose Sailboat on Facebook, you've seen some of my sewing projects posted. I'm in full-steam ahead, and every day is, "what can I complete now" mode. I just didn't take time out to write a post.

FYI, Oprah is in Southeast Alaska right now. We won't be seeing her in Wrangell though.

What projects are you doing? Would you want to meet Oprah?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.

July 15, 2017

Sail Covers, and Dodger Windows

I bet you thought I was just putting my feet up, reading books, drinking wine, and living the lazy life. Uh, wrong!

In between rain showers, I'm laying my projects out on the dock for measurements, and dragging them back inside to sew. Guess what? I'm done with four of them.

Main sail cover up and completed.

I got personalized labels made to put on all of my sewing projects for Denali Rose.

You may recall a previous post about how I cracked the front vinyl window.

Original look to the dodger. (Sprayhood, over the companionway, entrance to the boat.)

When we bought Denali Rose three years ago, we had a "professional" add a leather strip to the top leading edge of the dodger to repair some chafe, and to protect against any more. They took the dodger apart, and when they sewed it back up with the leather strip, they tweaked it somehow, and we couldn't get any of the zippers to meet after we put it back on the frame. (major irritation) I was afraid to take it back off for fear I wouldn't get it back on, so I took the zippers off, added material to one side, and resewed all of the zippers back on, BY HAND, and in place on the frame.

We have put up with the cloudy vinyl, and weird looking zippers, until I cracked it last winter, and then it was time to see if I could make it better. We decided on one continuous stretch of window, instead of having zippers so that the middle piece could open. We're in Alaska, and we don't really need the ventilation, (for now). I had to create a new frame for the new vinyl, and hope that when we put it back on, it would fit. My swear jar is full. 

Sewing with Bill's help.

We reused the original roof, and sides of the dodger, and sewed in a new windshield. It was super unwieldy, because you don't want to fold, bend, or make marks on the new vinyl. It is fragile while you are working with it, and preventing permanent damage is important. Bill helped maneuver the piece around while I pushed and pulled it through the machine.

Installed the new lower windshield, and removed the top one.

I'm not tall enough to look out the top piece of the windshield, so I wasn't going to redo it, but Bill is, so he said he would like that done too. I had just enough of the sheet of vinyl left over that it was a perfect fit for the redo. Since I had gotten the main piece to fit, I thought that the smaller window would be easier. Guess what, I was right! (mostly, still the swear jar got used)

It's easier to fit in my sewing area.

Notice the cat curled up in the upper left, Elsie pays no attention to commotion. And the pile of tools on the right, Bill is continuing the electronics re-do. I figure I'll keep sewing till he's done, and then I'm done. 

Woot woot, windows in, and we can see out!

What do you see in the background?

Yup, you guessed it, the mizzen sail cover is complete and up in it's place also.


So, yeah, I've been lazing around..........  in my dreams. Hmmm, what's next, I may tackle a couple of window coverings, an inside project.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.

July 14, 2017

Friday Funny 07/14 (Wearable Art)

I was taking advantage of the weather to get projects done, so I'm a bit late with the 4th of July post.

Crowds! Even in Wrangell.

As part of the celebration in Wrangell, the organizational committee  decided that a "Wearable Art" exhibition would be included in the local talent show. I found out in both events, that there were creative people in town. The children's part totally entranced the entire crowd, which by the way, filled the auditorium, standing room only. (I had to stand against a side wall.)

Young girls in traditional Thai attire, doing a cultural dance.

This costume was made out of painted crab shells, and she walked the runway while her brother played his violin.

I didn't know I was going to take photos at this event, so I wasn't prepared for a couple of really good costumes. One little girl dressed up as a caveman, and strutted out to "Hooked on a Feeling", which starts out with a chorus of "ooga chucka, ooga chucka", too cute! I also missed a group of young Tlingit children in full regalia dancing to AC/DC, that performance had the crowd cheering and clapping. It was so fun seeing the kids, mostly unafraid, walking out in front of a large group of people and hamming it up onstage.

The adult portion was just as entertaining. The theme for this year's Fourth of July celebration was "Making Waves", and that was evident in the wearable art presentations.

See the Sea theme? 🌊

Lights seem to be common to help dress up the costume. 

The full line up of contestants. 

If you're really interested in the Wearable Art trend, this dress, made out of thousands of salmon vertebrae, is gorgeous, and fascinating. Read the article, it's worth it: "Twenty Thousand Bones".

There were the usual parade, and activities that take place in Wrangell, and an event that was added back into the lineup, that hadn't taken place in years, boat races. 

The logging competition includes, hand axe, swede saw, axe throw, chainsaw, and team events.

It's a fun week in Wrangell. (Yes, a week long celebration, with picnics, canoe races, quilt show, greased pole climb, and many other events.)

Fireworks! It gets dark here late at night, unlike more northern Alaskan areas.

Parade participants.

Children inside an inflated ball.

Egg toss, catch or splat.

We made national news with one of our senators, Lisa Murkowski in attendance. Her parents live here, so she was joining family for the holiday. She is an undecided on the GOP health care bill, so she gets attention. I exhibited self-control, and let her enjoy herself without words of advice from me.

Lisa Murkowski, (in the white t-shirt), attempting the egg toss.

If we're in town for the 4th of July next year, I may consider creating my own wearable art, or maybe a parade float. Who wants to help me, or join us?

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page.