June 30, 2017

Friday Funny 06/30 (Carhartt Brown)

Carhartt Brown work clothes.

Yes, Carhartt Brown really is a color designation.

Carhartt work clothes are the standard attire for Alaska North Slope oil workers, commercial fishermen, hunters, construction workers, plumbers, truck drivers, my brother Lee.... you get the idea. I, personally have never owned a pair, because I'v never needed heavy duck canvas clothing, but Carhartts have as big a following as Xtra-tuff boots. The complete outfit includes both Carhartts, and Xtra-tuffs, now you're ready for anything.

I think most workers wear Carhartt pants with their Carhartt toolbelt.

Carhartt Corset, doesn't look comfortable to me.

And just like the cult following of all things Xtra-tuff, and being able to find it in earrings, cozies, Christmas decor, and key chains, you can also find Carhartt wedding dresses, underwear, baby, and children's clothing, wallets, bags, socks, stickers, wine glasses, and even a vineyard.

Imagine my surprise as I was sewing our new sail covers, and the thought struck me, "this color reminds me of Carhartt Brown!" WTH!!  I'm outfitting my sailboat with CARHARTTS!?!  Do I need to complete it somehow with Xtra-tuffs? How about Carhartt cat collars, with Xtra-tuff booties for Gus, and Elsie. Bill said that he thought I had done it on purpose, which puzzles me, since I don't own anything Carhartt.

This color according to Sunbrella, is called Nutmeg.  (Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for indoor & outdoor upholstery, awnings, shade, marine applications, and more.)

Carhartt Brown, or Sunbrella Nutmeg?

Sunbrella Nutmeg was recently discontinued, and I can no longer buy it anywhere, except in limited amounts on Ebay. I asked Sailrite which color would they recommend to compliment nutmeg, they advised, Sunbrella Tan.

Sunbrella Tan is a good contrast to Nutmeg.

I'm finishing up the main sail, and the mizzen sail covers with the Nutmeg I have, otherwise known as Carhartt Brown, and the rest of the canvas refurbish will be Tan.

Main sail cover, you can see old mizzen sail cover in faded Sunbrella Toast in the background.

I tried to get the cover finished before I published this post, but I didn't make it. These photos are before I put in the hem, and added the twist lock fasteners. I was measuring for the hem while it was on the boom, and then had to lay out the 18 feet of material on the dock to draw the hem line. I got one side done before it started to rain again, so one side has a hem, and the other doesn't. (yet)  

Also, because, I have resigned myself to the fact that, yes I'm using Carhartt Brown, I bought real Carhartt buttons on Amazon. I like a bit of whimsey, and I'm going add them somewhere useful. Maybe corporate Carhartt will let me put their label on too. (?)

What do you think of Carhartt Brown, or is it really Sunbrella Nutmeg? Should I have used the "everyone has it", and readily available Marine Blue instead?

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  1. I think Carhart Brown should be named Baby Grizzly Brown. But I like the Sunbrella Tan with all those blended colors. And MarineBlue is pretty boring.

    1. Baby Grizzly Brown, is a good name for it, but as a state we're kind of sensitive to bears right now, as we have had over 5 attacks, some fatal, in the last week. It's crazy. The Tan should look great, thanks, I like blue, but there are too many others out there with it.

  2. I really like the color scheme you've chosen. Nice and different from the usual blue and reds you find on most boats. It's funny how trendy Carhartt has become. People who don't work jobs that require the sturdiness of it still wear it.

    1. Thanks! If I had a choice, I would repaint the boot stripe grey, but that is not an option, so I went with colors that would complement the brown stripe. I'm sure someone, somewhere has made a Carhartt suit... HA!


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