June 16, 2017

Friday Funny 06/16 (Blogging)

I had that block.

Seriously, this block was on my desk, (actually table), this week, and I couldn't come up with anything to write about. In my defense, I had the flu, and still put together a post about Captain Ron and Suzie visiting us in Wrangell. I hope I didn't give it to them, Bill did the cooking, so I'm trusting they escaped.

Kitties keeping me company.

While I was aching all over, and napping in the salon, this is how Elsie, and Gus kept me company. They never sleep together, they're not that good of friends. Bill always says that they know when you don't feel well, and cuddle up, to help you feel better. I also never nap, so if I fall asleep in the middle of the day, you know I'm ill.

This is the salon table where I work, with my mug of coffee, and Elsie curled up on her sheepskin.
Pay no attention to the differences in cushions. I did one cushion to see if I liked the color, and the rest will wait to be an indoor project this winter.

Gus likes the Captain's stool, hmm, should we read anything into that?

My blogging friend Stephanie, recently posted about how she sometimes finds it hard to write, Inspiration Can Be Overrated.   (They have a beautiful boat, and it's for sale.) It's a little ironic that her lack of inspiration was inspiring. 😁

There are also blogging friends like Ellen at Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick, who pretty much posts content three times a week. Her posts are funny, and she frequently receives plenty of comments. It takes me too long to write a draft, and then I have to wait a day to go back and edit out the glaring errors. I'm not a whiz at grammar, and it helps to wait awhile, and look at it fresh. If I posted that often, I wouldn't get anything else done. Ellen is an author though, and she's good at it.

If you want to know about other blogs we have subscribed to, look at the right hand column under "Sailing blog/sites we enjoy". Normally you only see the last five that have a recent post, but for this week, I have changed the setting to see all of the blogs at once.

It's cathartic.

This blog started out as a way to let friends, and family know, and record our whereabouts, and doings, but it has sort of morphed. (We described this in the Prologue tab.) I found I enjoyed writing, even though I sometimes struggle at it, and I use an online dictionary/thesaurus all of the time. Bill is extremely knowledgable about all things sailing, and is a member of several forums. People ask him questions frequently, and he records our technical "stuff" in the right hand column under, "Stuff we have and use". That way he can just refer questions to the a particular blog post, and only has to type it once.

I always say, "Bill writes the technical posts, and I write the goof-ball stuff".

Google hosts this blogging site, and though we do get statistics about how many hits in a day, how many hits on each post, what country they are from, and what kind of browser was used. We don't know how many receive a notification of posts through email, or rss notification, or who you are. See sidebar to the right for how to "Subscribe to our nonsense".

Me too

A word of caution:

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, either here in comments or on our Facebook Denali Rose Sailboat page. (Don't make me beg... 😳)


  1. Aww...you've made me blush :-)

    I love the cartoon of blogging with the dog representing comments.

    1. You're welcome. ;-) The dog commenting cracked me up also.


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