June 9, 2017

Friday Funny 06/09 (Laundry)

The truth!

What's iron? (other than a mineral)

Whether you do it yourself, or have someone else do it, everyone has laundry. 

When I saw Denali Rose had a washer/dryer combo machine in the Yachtworld ad, I thought that would be a nice luxury to have. I have since changed my mind. A washer/dryer is not a luxury, it's on the "must have" list. (Check out this link to see how the previous owners had to cut the new unit in half in order to get it into the boat.)  I also asked my internet friends on the Facebook group, Women Who Sail, whether I should keep my iron. They all said no. So it's yes to the washing machine, and no to the iron. It's also pretty much "no" to sorting, I'm not fussy with our mostly dark clothing, and it's "kinda" to folding, (more like rolling it up). 

These descriptions crack me up! 

I laughed when I saw this cartoon, does anyone really know what these symbols on the clothing tags mean anyway?

My t-shirts rolled up in the  drawer.

I have to confess that I cleaned up my drawer before I took that photo. This was a good incentive to get on the stick and do it.

You're welcome.

Denali Rose has a midship cabin right behind the pilothouse, it has an upper/lower bunk bed in it, and access to the engine room. This cabin has been turned into the laundry room, workroom, and tool storage. There is absolutely no room to sleep in there now.

The washer/dryer is installed at the head of the lower bunk.

I don't want to show you a current photo of the workroom, it's a bit upside down at the moment. We are in the middle of an electronics refit, and the tools, and the new equipment are everywhere. We're getting new inside and outside chart-plotters, new gauges, new compass, relocating some of the current equipment, and connecting the forward-looking sonar that Bill installed during our time in the Marine Yard. Life here is kind of a mess. 

Plenty of wire spaghetti.

We keep a mesh bag hanging in the workroom for our dirty laundry. It only holds so much, and when it gets full, it's time for a load or two. For fun, Bill kicks his socks under the door at night, (instead of putting them in the bag), so Gus has something to play with when he should be sleeping. 

Gus, caught in action with a flash photo. "Who me?"

It's pretty funny hearing Gus scrabbling under the door with his paws trying to reach anything he can get ahold of, (except when you're trying to sleep).

We rarely use the dryer on the machine. We usually hang up the clean laundry and let it dry overnight. Our dehumidifier, that Bill has written up in "stuff we have and use", puts out just enough heat, and pulls in the moisture, so that most of it is completely dry by morning.

Overhead hatch in the forward cabin, (v-berth), these bars drop down to become a ladder for emergency egress.

Overhead hand holds in the lower dinette area make great places to put hangers for drying clothes.

That orange bag hanging to the left holds bread, and the fabric piled below is the new main sail cover I'm working on. 

I actually enjoy laundry, it's almost instant gratification to see the dirty laundry bag empty. (At least for those 17 seconds anyway.)

This would really make doing laundry completely worthwhile.

Do you enjoy getting the laundry done? Do you iron? Do your animals drag your used socks all over the floor?

We enjoy your comments here below, or on our Denali Rose Sailboat facebook page.


  1. A washer - wow, I'm a bit jealous. Not that we'd have the water supply necessary to run one or the space for one, but I can still dream, can't I?

    1. Dream on.... I've seen all kinds of washers on Facebook, maybe one of those ultra small ones? I do like going to a laundromat and having everything done at once though.

  2. I love the washing machine symbols. They encourage my natural instinct to throw my dirtiest work clothes and Melissa's most delicate lambswool sweaters into the same pot. Of course I always wear a yarmulke while doing the laundry. That's just common sense.

    1. I tried to come up with my own washing symbols, but those posted were way funnier. Melissa won't need lambswool sweaters in Mexico anyway.

  3. Pay no attention to that man. I am busily figuring out how to have a washing machine on board without getting rid of my midship cabin. I am loathe to ever give up a good bed. When it's all done, I'm going to have a washing machine on board. It's already a pain in my hind end getting laundry clean. What am I supposed to do with these filthy boatyard clothes? I just want to throw them out but I'll need them again. Also, I love your cat.

    1. The decision to delete the bed was made before we got here, so I didn't have to do it, (or know any better). Our lower dinette folds down to a small 2 person bed, and curtains to hang around it for some privacy, so I suppose that's the replacement. Your water capacity is large, and you will definitely enjoy your own washing machine.

      Gus says thanks, and he would love to meet you too. ;-)


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