May 11, 2017

This is for the birds...

We are now classifying Eagles as another hazard to navigation [instruments at least...]
The following photos were taken of a friend's boat from our deck yesterday evening... [If all those lights and instruments have to be replaced he is out ~$800 + a fun trip to the masthead...]
What about our boat? So far the eagles are into us for $650 as they took out our wind direction indicator [part of anemometer…] We haven’t installed the solid state no moving parts eagle-resistant replacement yet and its cable yet…


  1. Wow, that is just crazy! And also strangely cool to see them up on the mast. Although, not so cool if they damage y our equipment :-(

    1. We were on our dock finger talking to some newly arrived friends, and heard a racket behind us. The eagles stayed up there for quite awhile, and gave us time to grab the cameras. Bill sent the photos to the boat-owner this morning, who was onboard at the time, and knew they were up there. We haven't heard what the results/damages are yet.


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