May 19, 2017

Friday Funny 05/19 (Sunburn)

Pop Pop! (I love popcorn!)

Yes, it does actually get sunny enough in Wrangell to get a sunburn. So, even though we live in the largest national rainforest, the Tongass, Nat'l Forest, the sun does make appearances.

Don't get me started on Alaska land ownership, that's another discussion, for another day. (Soapbox)

I'm still in the scrubbing mode, and this week, while the sun was shining, I was in the inflatable dinghy floating around Denali Rose. My project this week was to clean, and polish the hull. We have a painted hull, not a colored gel-coat. 

I tied the dinghy off to the stanchions, and worked on a section at a time. The order of my cleaning: wet it down with water, use the toothbrush to clean the green stuff out from under the edges of the metal on the rub-rail, put on Spotless Stainless on the stubborn rust spots, use a small bit of Soft Scrub to clean the hull, rinse off, apply FSR on the stubborn stains on the paint, rinse all of the remaining cleaners off, apply Awlgrip polish, buff, (by hand), push back, admire, move dinghy to next set of stanchions. 

Supplies laid out in the dinghy.

The blue bucket is just for carrying everything, the red bucket has fresh water to rinse the sponges, each sponge is for a different cleaner, and the white container, is a hand-pump pressure washer. 

Tied off to the side, even with this, it's an arm/shoulder workout to hold next to the hull, while pushing against it as I clean.

This is where the sunburn occurs.....

A "farmer's tan".
After a day in the dinghy with the sun reflecting off of the water, (I sort of forgot), this is what my arm looked like the next morning. Ouch. I wore long sleeves after that.


It's worth the effort for Denali Rose to be clean. She looks much better!

I took a break from scrubbing, to repair a neighbor's fly-bridge cover. Bill is still pulling wiring inside, so I set up my sewing machine on the dock. I attracted quite a bit of attention as people walked by. 

Sewing on the dock.

Organized chaos.

This is where my sewing table is usually located. When you pull up the sole, (boat talk for floor), you see all of the spare parts that came with Denali Rose. Bill is inventorying them, and deciding whether to keep, put in storage, or sell. 

Meat burning.

As soon as I get my sewing machine back in it's place inside, I can get back to sewing the new sail covers, and weather cloths. I'm looking forward to seeing Denali Rose in her new colors, all clean and shiny.

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  1. Ouch! That looks like it hurts. I have to say, it sounds like a crazy amount of work to clean the hull like that. We also have a painted hull, and it has a lot of oxidization. I hope we can find someone to do that for us because I have become spoiled by land living again on this vacation.

    1. It would be great for someone else to do it, but I think I am that someone. I still have about 2/3s of the starboard side to do, but it's pouring rain for a few days, so I have a reprieve. I would LOVE a new paint job, but that notion is not even anywhere near the project list. A gal can dream..... Notice I did remember my hat so I wouldn't burn my scalp.

  2. That looks like a nasty sunburn :-( A lot of work on the boat, but it looks gorgeous.

    1. Yes, 2 days of sunburn discomfort. It was in the 60s', and a light breeze, I forgot that the sun was shining, and reflecting since I wasn't overly hot. The boat does look nice, if I do say so myself. Thanks! It feels good to take care of her.

  3. Wow, more power to you on taking on cleaning the hull like that! When I am spending long days in the sun like you and don't want to deal with constant reapply of sunscreen I put on baby sunscreen in the morning and it lasts all day. Look for a high zinc content and you'll be well protected all day!


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