May 5, 2017

Friday Funny 05/05 (Scrubbing the Boat)

Yup, the boat.

After our two weeks out of the water in the work yard, Denali Rose was filthy. Our neighbor was sandblasting, and even though he had tented it off with visqueen, and duct tape, so much dust still came our way.

We have a small electric pressure washer, and it has taken me three days to do the deck.

Pressure washed vs not pressure washed, you can see the difference.

Now, I'm getting out the cleaner, and using the scrub brush.

Hard at work.

Here is our selection of brushes. They are a variety of stiffness, and some fit in your hand, while others screw onto on a handle. I'm sure we have too many, because I have only used the blue hand brush, and a sponge, and none of the rest.

Do we need nine brushes?

The non-skid, and deck paint are in need of a refresh, I think that the day it's totally white again will be the day we repaint it. I vote for grey though, I'm done with white. Re-doing the deck is on the "project list", but not this summer's list. It's about priorities, and we can only do so much, and then it is time to get off of the dock, and go enjoy Southeast Alaska.

The stainless is up next, I did one piece, and decided to move on to another project. There is just soooo much stainless, and I can only work on it in small doses before I get overwhelmed.

AND IF, you get all of your chores done......

One set of fender holders covered in cleaner.

Brush it on, let it sit, and rinse off with water. It works fairly well.

The kayaks needed the green washed off, and 303 UV protector rubbed on. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on them. One more scrubbing project done.

Clean and shiny.

Crud, (literally), Bill opened up one of the overhead hatches in the pilothouse to get a breeze. There's a whole new area of green to eliminate that I missed.

Quick! Close the hatch, and hide it!

On a different subject,

It fits!

My replacement Dubarry boots have arrived, and they fit perfectly. I'm really going to enjoy wearing them.

I don't need a Duke to check if they fit.

PS. I don't have a fairy godmother, (that I know about anyway.) If I did, I wouldn't need a new dress, or glass slippers, I would ask her to scrub the boat!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

For those of you who are Cinderella fans, (like me, did you guess)? Here's the video.

What about this? Is Elsie related to Lucifer?

Lucifer, the stepmother's cat.

Elsie, (black cat), and Gus, (tabby), awaiting their escape through the companionway doors.

Do you enjoy scrubbing? 
Are you doing spring cleaning? 
What is your favorite Disney movie? 

We enjoy hearing from you, either in comments here or on our Denali Rose Sailboat facebook page.

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