April 28, 2017

Friday Funny 04/28 (Swimming Lessons)

My swimming ability.

I can swim a bathtub length, but since Denali Rose doesn't have one, I'm out of luck.

Wrangell has a really terrific Community Center, and it's very reasonably priced for membership. Once you have joined, most lessons, and activities are free, and you certainly can't argue with that. In the past when we have been in Wrangell, I joined, and used the weight room, and exercise machines. 

Just recently they advertised that they were giving adult swim lessons, and Bill encouraged me to go. I have had swim lessons three different times in the past, and have sort of learned how to float, side stroke, and dog paddle. I don't really consider that swimming, though that will probably help in saving myself if I accidentally fell in the water.

I never learned to swim as a child.
A. Anchorage didn't have a swimming pool when I was growing up.
B. One of my first memories is falling off of the dock at Big Lake, seeing the underwater piers, and having my 5 and 7 year old brothers pull me out. Sort of colors my brain for being in the water. The story goes that Ralph was hanging onto me calling for David to help, and David had to tie up his toy boat first. ;-0

Always wear your PFD!

I have been going to water aerobics three times a week, before they advertised the swim lessons, so in addition to exercising, and meeting new people, I was getting used to being in the pool. Who knew???

Wrangell's pool, it's different, that's saltwater in there.

I went to my first lesson last night, and it went well. I back floated, (wearing fins, to practice correct kicking), all the way to the far deep end, and back. Whoa! Who goes into the deep end on their first swim lesson? ME! 

The instructor gave each of us a pair of swim goggles, and a latex swim cap, we get a t-shirt at the end of the course. One of the other students complained that her best pair of swim goggles just broke, my burning question is; "why are you in a beginning swim class if you have a best pair of swim goggles?"

So, just like me, you will have to wait to see the outcome. Will I learn to swim, will I finish the class, and most importantly, what will my awarded t-shirt say?

Do you know how to swim, have you taken lessons, did you get a t-shirt as a prize? 
We enjoy hearing from you, comment here or on our Denali Rose Sailboat Facebook page.

(And incidentally, I HAVE taken piano lessons too, and don't really play. Chopsticks anyone?) ☺


  1. My first swimming lesson was my boy cousins throwing me in a lake and looking down on me cuz I sank. They eventually drug me out. This didn't impact my love of water though :)

    1. Did you eventually learn to swim? I learned today that I am basically uncoordinated with my arms and breathing..... practice, practice.

    2. Oh yes - in Michigan you really don't have a choice. I wouldn't say I'm a good swimmer (for some odd reason I could never get the breast stroke down) but I can swim. As part of 7th grade we took swimming which included a test of jumping in with our clothing (jeans.) Good luck!


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