April 14, 2017

Friday Funny 04/14 (On the Hard)

Denali Rose is out of the water and sitting in the Wrangell Boat Yard getting some maintenance done.  (Sailor talk: being on the hard). I haven't had much time to do my usual Friday Funny, so please enjoy one of my favorite singer/songwriter's version of "The Hard".

The Hard

Yes, we are still living onboard, the yard workers tend to quit hammering, sawing, welding, and painting by about 7:00pm, and all is pretty quiet. We're taking showers at the laundromat across the street, and the yard has a restroom. The boat is connected to power with a 30amp cord, so we have electricity onboard.


  1. Life on the hard is hard. Strange that you have to take showers at a laundromat, but it's a good thing there's a bathroom at the yard.

    1. The good news is the showers and bathrooms are almost equidistant from the boat- which we suspect is why this fairly new boat yard didn't install showers... [They leave the drive through gate adjacent to the laundromat/showers locked open enough in off hours so everyone can walk through 24/7... Likewise for the drive gate adjacent to a bar...] Living aboard isn't too inconvenient since one of our heads is the composting type, and a bucket under the galley sink drain through hull allows routine use of the sink. [And we have plug-ins like at the dock...] But... it will be very nice when we splash- hopefully later this week... [The 2nd coat of bottom paint will be our Easter gift to ourselves, and we are working on installing the new forward looking SONAR and cutlass bearing...]

    2. This is a "working" yard, filled with commercial fishing vessels of all sizes. I think I'm lucky to have a clean restroom, even though we use our composting head onboard most of the time. There are 3 sailboats here, one is in storage, one is under a cover being painted, and us. After a day of using my arms and shoulders, painting, and scrubbing, the short walk to the laundromat is a welcome change.


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