February 28, 2017

Thoughts of Spring...

Spring is just 3 weeks away...(?)

Just yesterday I was wearing my shades while sifting and sorting items between our two trailers and some enclosed storage we rented. [Dubbed by some locals as The Denali Rose Storage Compound...] 
I hauled the materials to build some shelving to house the 100+ totes of gear we brought with us, and actually completed one the same day- and cut the pieces for another before it got too dark. 
Full disclosure: It seems I inadvertently saved cutting the 4'x8' shelving panels in half until it was dark... Why don't they put headlamps on Skill saws?

Yup. That is all ours... Note we were having a Severe Clear 'yesterday'... [I'm building suspense here...]

The view I'm blocking with the trailers...

Ah, the things we take for granted during our terrestrial phases...
Reorganizing our junk so it is accessible is important for several reasons: [But only to us; that was just a journalistic ploy to keep you from nodding-off... Professional talking heads would have squinted while leaning into the camera and grunting the word Important- distinguishing each of its syllables with a different voice inflection- before sitting back to resume their well practicedhead-bobs and nods...  [Watch them with the sound muted sometime to quickly spot their gesture patterns... Tell me if that isn't entertaining, if not more enlightening than what they are reading...]
In late March we haul the boat, and much of what we need is in the trailers... 
But most of our crap isn't accessible because both trailers are packed to the gills... [I mean, who hauls a partially full, organized trailer almost 10° of latitude south on land, sea, then land again?]
And we really miss having use of our two ATVs... trailer bound since 2014 when we bought Denali Rose and hauled the first trailer south...
Some of you may be wondering why we waited so long...  Well, one way to achieve a positive cash flow on Wrangell Island is to own storage units... They are rented before construction is completed... Our name finally came up, and what great timing!

Remember I opened with Spring is only 3 weeks away...?


National Weather Service Juneau AK
1200 PM AKST Tue Feb 28 2017
Cape Decision to Salisbury Sound Coastal Area-
Inner Channels from Kupreanof Island to Etolin Island-
Including the cities of Sitka, Port Alexander, Petersburg,
Wrangell, and Kake
1200 PM AKST Tue Feb 28 2017
* LOCATION...Portions of the eastern Gulf Coast and central
inner channels including Sitka, Petersburg, and Wrangell.
* SNOW...Additional 6 to 10 inches.  [8" since 05:30 this morning...]
* TIMING...Heavy snow will persist tonight through Wednesday
* IMPACTS...Travel will be hazardous. Heavy wet snow will be
difficult to manage.
A warning means that a winter storm is already occurring or
imminent. This storm could pose a threat to life and property.
This statement will be updated by 9 PM AKST Tuesday or sooner if
conditions warrant.

Visibility may be 1/2 mile...

I guess we won't bother using the BBQ tonight...

Looking forward through the dodger from the outside helm... Lets go fishing!


  1. That's a hysterical post. I can picture a TV presenter narrating a reality show about you guys. :-)

    From the perspective of someone in Florida, I have to say you guys seem slightly insane. I cannot imagine living in those weather conditions. Brrr

    1. Thanks, Ellen.

      We pride ourselves regarding our diminished states... [Not easily achieved, mind you...]


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