January 13, 2017

Friday Funny 01/13 (Morning People)


Morning people vs Night people, that sums it up nicely for me.

Bill is definitely a morning person, cheerfully arising anywhere from 5:00am to 8:00a. I'm not like that, not even remotely. I usually wake up when he is getting out of bed, but then I pull the covers over me, and blissfully go back to sleep. Back when we were "working folk", Bill would be up early doing email, or whatever, and I would stumble out later, to get my morning coffee before going work. Bill, brightly tells me "good morning!" I mumble something, grab my mug, and shuffle back to the bedroom, or bathroom to begin showering, and dressing. "Don't talk to me", I'm thinking on the best of days.


I know I'm not the only one, given the fact of how easy it is to find funny non-morning people cartoons on the internet.


My parents both came from farms in the Midwest, and had the idea that every Saturday my brothers, and I would be up early to do the household chores. I never liked this notion, I figured I had gotten up early everyday for school, why the heck couldn't I have one day to sleep in! I never understood it, until as an adult, I went to work for an airline with shift work. That was where I found out I was a night person, reveling in working the evening shift: 3:00pm to 2:00am. I'd had no clue! What an eye-opener, and a learning experience for my family not to call me before 9:00am, and preferably later.


My morning saving grace is coffee, hot, with just a bit of cream.


I realize that I'm fortunate. After Bill gets up, he makes two mugs of coffee, one for him, one for me. If it is after 7:00am, he will bring it in and set it on the shelf next to the bed where I am sleeping. He whispers, "coffee", just in case I might be aware. When I wake up, I just reach out, and like magic, there it is! If by some strange circumstance, I actually get out of bed first, I will make two mugs of coffee, and I will know that either Bill is ill, or he has been awake for a substantial part of the night with something.

Love you AND coffee!

I found my opposite.

The Thermos brand of mug is our mug of choice, liquids stay hot or cold for hours in this one. We have four of them, with sipper, and total cover lids. Unfortunately, they don't make this style anymore. Once in awhile, I can find them on ebay, but for astronomical amounts of money. Apparently we aren't the only ones who hoard them.

One mug a day, keeps the grumpys away.

What's really weird, are the number of websites that pop up when you google "become a morning person". Like that's ever going to happen!


This pretty much sums it up for me.

My bed is toasty, not a toaster.

Which one are you? Let us know here in comments, or on Denali Rose Sailboat facebook page. Night people unite!


The Cynical Sailor said...

I get up early but I take a long time to wake up and talk to other humans. Scott, on the other hand, gets up early and is a complete chatterbox. It's annoying. I just growl at him and pour another cup of coffee. :-)

S.V. CAMBRIA said...

I'm definitely a morning person and am up by 6:00 most days. David sleeps until 9:00 so I get plenty of "me" time!

Donna/Denali Rose said...

Hooray for coffee!

Donna/Denali Rose said...

Me time.... that must be nice, to sit in the cockpit, as the sun comes up, steaming mug in hand..... My "me" time is sleeping - 6:00a-8:00a. ;-) And when Bill takes an afternoon nap.

Heather said...

Even working with Bill in the mornings was crazy! I'm not a morning person but get my best work done before the brain wakes up and while it is quiet.

LittleCunningPlan.com said...

Oh my goodness. By the time I am up in the morning, Mike has been up for hours. He is ready to talk. I am not ready to put my hearing aids in yet. Since living aboard I have slept later in the day and don't know if I can fix that without using an alarm clock, which I would resent. I stumble out of the aft cabin and look at the clock and say, 'wow! How did I sleep so late?'. It's becoming a daily thing. I wonder if I could train him to bring me coffee in a thermos and put it by the bed. That is a nice habit to get into. Like David on Cambria, Mike the early riser also likes a nap in the afternoon. I don't know why he can't get all of his sleep at once like regular people but he's always done it this way.

Bill said...

Me too, Heather!

Is sounds like it was good that I took mercy on you guys by putting in half a day before coming to the office for another work day...

Actually, we early risers have a secret: we covet those 'I hate you...' looks we elicit... Have contests even...

Donna/Denali Rose said...

Who's winning the contest?

Bill said...

Let Mike know it is you who will be trained: by classically conditioning you to the sound of the coffee grinder... [One doesn't want to make it too far in advance... it gets bitter- like the expressions we morning people cherish from others...]

Donna/Denali Rose said...

I can't nap, (unless I'm sick), I wake up waaay crankier than when I went to sleep. No alarm clocks allowed, it's a maritime rule. :-)

Heather said...

Early risers :( :)