December 6, 2016

V-Berth Progress Report

I now have the utmost respect for all of those people who sew large projects on their boats. My vocabulary has not been the best since I started re-doing v-berth cushions. It's certainly a challenge to fit, sew, fit again, sew again, and finish each cushion in confined quarters.

On the positive side, I'm getting valuable knowledge about how I want to tackle the next project. It took me almost a day to clear out the settee area, set up my machine, and sewing tools. I chose the wrong side to sit on, and I will definitely switch to the other bench so that my material has more room to fit through the machine.

See that case in the background? I bet you didn't know Cabela's made a sewing tackle box.

This is what the settee looked like before we bought the boat. Clean, uncluttered. 

See that "lovely" blue wavy fabric? It's also original 80's, and I'm hoping not to lose my motivation, and get that done too.

So here's the photo update:

At least I can reach the cushions now.

The cushion on the left is done, the one on the right is still the lovely red velour.
I finished the port cushion, and the large one in the middle is done, (even though it doesn't show it here), I just need to hand-sew the final seam, and then I start on the starboard one. I haven't done the small middle inset, because I'm still debating myself about which fabric to use. I have some colorful upholstery for pillows, and I'm thinking about whether to make this one with a little pizzaz. I call the color on the left, "Bill Beige", but at least it brightens up the room.


  1. I love your Cabela tackle/sewing box. What a great way to keep all of your sewing stuff organized! Well done you on tackling the v-berth cushions. It's always tricky to do that sort of thing on a boat as nothing is a normal, regular shape.

    1. There's only one way they fit, and I learned that the hard way.

  2. I'm so intimidated by doing upholstery any way but by hand. I can hand stitch pretty fast and furious. "Bill Beige" LOL! You can always add colorful pillows!

    1. I'm impressed by your hand sewing, I'm always afraid that mine won't stand up to daily use. Bill is like Steve Jobs, no color sense. Our land house was pretty much blah, but I'm trying to change that in the boat.

    2. piece of beige at a time...


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