December 3, 2016

Friday Funny 12/2 (Company Coming)

AT&T was down for a day, no cell service, no data service, no internet, and we had to get along without it. Oh the horrors!

So now, turn up your volume, plug in your headphones, or bluetooth your speakers, because today's funny is an audio. Eileen Quinn writes very funny songs for boating people.

Well, you might have guessed it, we have company coming. This has directed our energy into getting some of the big projects completed. My main one would be the chaos that we call the v-berth. (alias: the throw everything you don't want to deal with now, room)

It's all treasures, really!

See that grey plastic tube on the left.... it's the new fabric to re-cover all of the v-berth cushions, I have it in my head that I'm going to get that project done, as well as re-cover the lower settee. The current fabric is original to the boat, and the 80's wants it's red velour back. I will also have to deal with all of the stuff in there, and make it into a proper berth for guests. It means that they will actually have room to put their luggage, and a bed to sleep in.

One of the guests, ie, my son, asked if he could bring stuff for us that we can't get in our little town of Wrangell. Big mistake on his part, or struck the mother lode for us. He is now loaded down with a myriad of small boxes from vendors who don't ship to Alaska, and is also bringing us a brand new 99lb spade anchor, and a 60lb sewing machine and table. Don't worry, we'll take pictures of our acquisition pile when it gets here, and my son with his family and their weary looks.

We're hoping for at least some decent weather, so we can go out and anchor in a nearby cove, and show them a small snippet of our new way of life. If we get weathered in at the dock, we are lining up activities that 3 young men, (grandsons), could get off of the boat, and do something interesting in town.

The day my son, daughter-in-law, and their sons leave, our next guests arrive for New Years. We will have time for laundry and a quick spruce up. Friends from Fairbanks are coming to spend a few days in (relative, compared to Fairbanks), balmy Southeast. We are looking forward to everyone! I truly mean that, I love to share my world. When are YOU coming?

PS. Here is a VERY short song by Eileen, it is one of my favorites, I never fail to laugh when I hear it.


  1. I love that last song. And I'm feeling your pain on the v berth. But sometimes it takes company coming to light a fire under my hind end. Bet you get that done!

    1. In the v-berth, one cushion down, three more to go. This project had to be first, as the old cushions had some kind of cotton bottom, and whenever anyone slept on them, they were always damp. They are getting a nice Sunbrella upholstery, and phifertex on the bottom to breathe. Photos before/after will be coming.

  2. Your v-berth looks exactly like mine, except the mess in mine has spread to the main salon. I'm trying to reorganize everything and it's just complete chaos here right now.

    1. I dislike clutter, so it was easy to throw everything forward, and not see it. I feel your pain, because everywhere needs to cleaned up and organized now. We call it moving back in for the third time.


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