December 9, 2016

Friday Funny 12/09 (Sewing)

Very punny.

This happens way to often to be funny! 

This isn't secure enough for a boat, but very cute anyway.

I did it! One project off of my list. The v-berth is finished. I bought Sunbrella upholstery at a fabric discount place (,and got a great deal. And the bottoms of the cushions are Phifertex, so that the cushions can breathe. We had a moisture issue with the old red ones, every time someone slept in there, the cotton bottoms would be wet- even though they sat on top of a layer of HyperVent. [More below...]

A little color added in.
And we still have a sheet of "Hypervent", a type of plastic mesh, under all of the cushions, to help with ventilation.

Phifertex on the bottom of the cushions, and Hypervent under all of it.

I also got a few small sewing projects out of the way. This fish, you may recall from Gus's "Day in the Life" page was hardly used. The cats like their sharks better, so I put some velcro on his mouth, and he now holds a couple of lightweight blankets.

Looks kind of like a whale shark now.

Here's a photo of my special Cabela's sewing tackle box. I may need to get another one.....

Full up.


  1. That's very cool. I can't wait to take a look in person. Artha got our return tickets yesterday to I guess we'll not be permanent residents on DR. (dang - I was hoping!!)

    1. Stay as long as you like! You can help with projects..... hehe

  2. I can relate to the bobbin cartoon. There have been so many times that I've been happily sewing only to find out my bobbin was empty the whole time :-(

    1. Yes! I did the most perfect corner, only to find out NO THREAD!

  3. The V-berth's new cushions look so beautiful! Those burgundy velvet ones were original to the boat, when it also had brown plastic sinks in the heads, brown contact paper on the galley counter tops! When it comes to bobbins running out, I wonder what would happen if, when first starting to wind thread onto a new bobbin, if we added a single knot to the thread. That might a) alert us that the bobbin is empty, or b) break the needle or c) scare the hell out of us and cause us to stop sewing and drink a martini?

  4. Love the new cushions and the cartoons. I wonder what would happen if, before adding new thread to an empty bobbin, one could add a simple knot to the beginning of the thread. That way, it might catch on the needle, alerting the sewing person that: a) no more thread on the bobbin, b) the needle just broke because there was no more thread on the bobbin, which causes the project to end for the day and Happy Hour commences immediately?

    1. Apologies to you Fred, on the double post. You didn't see your first comment because we approve comments coming in before they are published due to spammers. Rest assured, we will always approve your comments!

      I vote for Happy Hour commencing immediately, and drinking martinis!


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