May 12, 2016

Lightning and Sailboats...

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Sailboat Lightning Strike Caught On Camera

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By Alex Bering on Feb 11, 2016 06:13 am
Terrible day for this sailboat moored off of Kassandra in Northern, Greece. Might want to give a once over of the electronics after a direct hit like that. At least the boat owner is laid over in a beautiful place if she needs repair.
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Timing is everything...

A good reminder to keep spare [and all] electronics secured in a Faraday cage...


Bill on Denali Rose

Re: Sailboat Lightning Strike Caught On Camera

Originally Posted by BobFord View Post
Interesting event- Lightning strikes have always been a concern for me.

Can somebody who has knowledge on the subject, comment on my statement.

" My cat. is all aluminium, am I in a " Faraday Cage " ? "
Hi Bob,

I've been collecting some lightning resources over time, but am certainly not an expert. The answer to your question is complex- and not favorable. But, statistics [and physics...] demonstrate that you are better off in your metal sailboat than we are in our fiberglass one... However- according to insurance claim statistics- we are better off in our monohull than you are in your catamaran... And all of us increase our chances of being struck 5 to 10 fold while at anchor... Are you sensing a pattern here?... [All this gleaned from the references, below...]

Here are a couple of resources that relate to your question: The first is this well written article in Ocean Navigator [by the owner of an aluminum sailboat that was struck...] and the second is Marine Lightning Protection Inc. [the company founded by the professor referenced in the above article...]

As a general reference regarding lightning and [fiberglass?] sailboats, attached is a publication from the University of Florida entitled Lightning and Sailboats.

In case this is helpful, and may none of us ever find out first-hand how well protected from lightning we, our vessels, and electronics are...

Additional Resources:


Bill on Denali Rose
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