August 11, 2015

Preparing for two rendezvous's in Ketchikan

We will likely start heading back toward Wrangell today, shortening this exploration of Prince of Wales Is.… There is an 'atmospheric river' being diverted our direction by the jet stream and has the potential of dumping 2-4" of rain in the next 24 hours beginning this evening… possible winds too… Not much fun kayaking in that…

Besides, we have rendezvous's planned with two different sets of friends in Ketchikan later this month.

One is a former colleague and friend and his wife whom we will alternately entertain and torture for a week or so while visiting Misty Fjords.

The other are some very dear, long term cruising friends who have been making the rounds in Alaska this summer after shooting up from Japan in May. We have stayed in touch and they are preparing to make the voyage to Ketchikan from Cordova with favorable west winds in the Gulf of Alaska all this week… I haven't seen them in 15 years, so it will be a fun time… They spend a majority of their time in the southern hemisphere alternating between Patagonia, Antartica, and the coconut milk run. I tease them that they move faster than the internet…

It will be fun rekindling long term friendships…

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