July 3, 2015

Back Aboard

We have finally made it back aboard Denali Rose. Bill loaded up my car with as many rubbermaid tubs as would fit, the last kayak, and our bicycles, drove to Haines, and rode the Alaska Ferry to Wrangell. We will now have a car here, which will help with getting around.
Ready to go. BTW, that is not clouds, that is smoke from the various forest fires surrounding Fairbanks. Won't miss that.

Lining up to be ready to load onboard the Alaska Ferry.
I waited a couple of days, and then I flew with the cats on Alaska Airlines. Even with the best of connections, the animals were in their kennels from 6:30am to 5:00pm. Neither one of them liked the experience very much. Elsie, our black cat, was unhappy, but settled down to watch the proceedings. Gus, our little tabby, who had decided this was not for him, tried digging his way out, shredded all of his bedding, and knocked the water dish off. They are wondering what they did that warranted being put in the "witness protection program", since they are confined to the boat so they can adjust.
Bill lifting the kennels onboard with their reluctant occupants.

Gus gets up the nerve to look out the window at his new neighborhood. WHAT!!! WATER?????

Elsie is content to stay on the bed.
We are turning on systems a little at a time, so that the new sounds and smells become familiar gradually.

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