July 29, 2015

4th of July

Wrangell is known in Southeast Alaska for it's all out 4th of July, and it didn't disappoint this year. We started with pre-events like the soap-box derby, logging competitions, and the greased-pole climb.

They pulled the vehicles back up the hill with a 4-wheeler.

Then down the hill they came.... not always successfully finishing.... In this short video the driver actually crashed into his mother sitting on the sidelines...

The greased pole.

They took a pole, angled it out from the dock, put a $50.00 bill on the end, and had all the kids in town trying to reach it. Only one person did, and took home the prize.

On the 4th, we went downtown for the parade, the two main roads were closed to traffic the entire day, and everyone roamed the town freely.
Old-fashioned fire engine

The Queen of the 4th. 

Honoring our soldiers, this tank fired bubbles.

The Wrangell Wolves, High School

The Cab company, only one in town.

Smokey the Bear

The theme this year: Hometown Heroes

Patriotic Horse
The usual candy-throwing ensued during the parade. Then it was time to hit the various food booths scattered throughout the town. We had halibut chunks, (absolutely delicious), homemade root beer, (again, absolutely delicious), homemade pies, (totally yum), Thai chicken sticks, ice cream, and many more that we couldn't find stomach room for. Other events for the day were, egg toss, 3-legged race, 3 wheeled race (both kids and adults), log-roll, and the Lumber-Jack competition.

Kid's water "bounce house", there is a kid inside each balloon on the water.

Individual chain saw competition
Axe throw, if they can cleave the $100.00 bill in the center, they win.

Individual challenges, and team challenges: 

Using a swede saw
Notice most of the logger guys wearing pink t-shirts, it was part of the entrance fee. I was a bit dismayed at the women's competition, it was throw the rolling pin.....really?

Throw the rolling pin into the center of the target.
To be fair though, some women did enter some of the logging challenges.
After spending the day down-town, it was time to return to the boat, and wait for dark to see the fireworks display.
Bill enjoying a beer downtown

Denali Rose flying her ensign.
All during the day, kids were everywhere setting off small fireworks, people were enjoying adult beverages, and food, and most everyone dressed in red/white/blue, it was a great experience in a small town. They name the Queen, by who sells the most "Queen raffle tickets", the winner sold 58,000, and the runner up sold 32,000, that's a lot of tickets for a town that only has 2200 residents

I didn't take any photos of the fireworks display, but I must say, it was one of the best displays I have ever seen. Denali Rose Sailboat has an open Facebook page, and we subscribe to Wrangell events and news there. If you would like to see professional photos of the 4th celebration and fireworks, you can see them there.

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