March 13, 2015

Spring 2015 Projects

Or: What we bought at the Seattle Boat Show...

[Updated 17-Feb-2015]

Here is a partial punch list (with references) for new/replacement systems we intend to complete as part of our spring commissioning this year.

Many will spawn subsequent posts detailing the project, so keep an eye out if you have an interest...

The winners are: [√ = Completed]

  • √ Composting Head [Completed 17-Jul-2015]
    • Why? We broke the lid on one of our two Lavac Heads. Replacement cost for just the lid is 20% of the new composting toilet cost... [yes, just the lid...] While we love the Lavacs, we dislike holding tanks and consequently have been pondering a composting alternative for one of our heads; Now is the time...
    • The majority of this project [and the 'funnest' part...] will be removing the old plumbing without creating a nuclear wasteland within the boat...
    • This marine unit is not nearly as pretty as one of these for a home or cabin, but it will be perfect for our needs
  • √ Pure Sine Wave Inverter [and 125Amp battery charger] [Completed 6-Jul-2015]
    • Our 20+ year old modified-sine inverter is not compatible will all modern appliances, and the charger portion is showing signs of dysfunction/ fatigue/ failure...
    • We purchased a factory refurbished unit with warranty for about 45% discount
    • A sub-project is replacing the aging [and misreading] Link 2000 battery monitor with one from the same company as the inverter [Magnum]
    • Magnum also has a module we can add in the future to auto-start our generator when the house bank is sufficiently depleted [need to think more about this one... not sure we want to be awakened [startled] by the generator firing-up at some future anchorage...]
  • √ New Galley and Master Head sink faucets: [Galley completed 10-Nov-2015]
    • We're going for improved flow control [single valves] and increased faucet/sink clearances [taller, swan necked faucets...]
  • √ Dryers on the vent lines of both fuel tanks [Completed 17-Nov-2015]
    • Oh, and replacing one of the through-hull diesel tank vent fittings which is plugged with corrosion [[Completed 17-Nov-2015]
      • It took a diesel shower from a pressurized tank when fueling the very first time last summer to discover this... 
  • Replace one or both VHF radios: 
    • With N2K compatible AIS & GPS capable VHF Radios [Two new VHF replacement radios are already on board...]
    • We rely on AIS MOB devices, so having back AIS receiver(s) [in case our Vesper Watchmate 850 malfunctions- and it never has...] is crucial to our strategy. 
    • √ We will be installing a B&G V-50 with remote wireless mike in the cockpit. This unit ties into our existing B&G N2K network and interfaces with our B&G Zeus Touch MFD/chart plotter. [Completed 8-Jul-2015]
    • We may also install a Standard Horizon Matrix GX2200 VHF radio with a hardwired RAM3 mike for the cockpit [I decided not to use this unit and resold it.]
    • We will also be installing a hailing horn to transmit sound signals (e.g., fog, etc) as well as be a forward listening post
  • √ Waterheater: [Completed 10-Jul-2015] Replace the existing 6 gallon unit with a super insulated IsoTemp SPA (AKA IsoTherm] 11 gallon unit with a built-in mixing valve [Installation Manual]
    • The mixing valve will prevent us from scalding ourselves (remember the water is heated by the engine and reaches temps of 160-190°F. It will also make the tank of water go a lot farther
    • The spray-foam insulated SS tank of hot water will last 24-36+ hours [Per existing owner reports]
  • √ Internet signal booster: We are installing a WiriePro WiFi and Cell Data booster [Completed 9-Jul-2015]
  • And more projects... yet to be decided...

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