March 16, 2015

Our MacGregor 26M spare sailboat found a new home in May-2015

Update 9-May-2015: Sold!

We received a full price cash offer with a signed purchase agreement and earnest money deposit in late April.

This transaction was completed in early May when we delivered the boat to her new home on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

We will miss the opportunity to use her as a guest boat and runabout this summer in southeast Alaska, but on the other hand it is great to divest ourselves of yet another item we don't really need to go cruising...


Original post: [16-March-2015]

Now that we are above zero in Fairbanks, it is time to start planning for summer. [Everything is relative...]

One of the things we have been planning for this spring is to sell our fun big/little trailerable sailboat/powerboat, Second Wind: 

She helped us keep our sanity the last few years by providing us the option of exploring Prince William Sound for weeks on end each summer (and occasional dips into freshwater lakes along the way...)

So if you know anyone who may be interested, please refer them to our Second Wind website for details. Thanks!

If we don't find the next home for her we will take her to Wrangell and have a guest boat! (Like when you lend your spare car to your guests...)

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