February 10, 2015

More February meanderings

When we returned to Seattle, our plan was to drive the truck/camper out of the backyard, and head out to see friends in multiple locations.  Yay! Road trip! Our first attempt at getting the truck out didn't go so well.


Bill tried to drive out our truck, and it kept slipping on the water logged green grass and weeds.  He was trying not to slide into Ralph's truck, and felt like he needed to move it first.  That was also a no-go, as it did the same thing, and neither truck could get traction to move the way we wanted them to go.  Bill decided that the best course of action, was to call a local towing company, and winch both vehicles out.


As it turns out, the owner of this company lives just down the road, so the technician was motivated to do a good job, not that he wouldn't have, but just sayin'.  He winched out Ralph's truck first, since it was the easiest, and in the way of the big Ford.

This was the hole left behind by the silver truck.
Then they repositioned the tow truck and connected up to the Ford.

Here we go.... I sped up the movie so it wouldn't be too long, and I obviously did not stand still. (sorry)  He winched it up till all tires were on on more stable ground, and Bill drove it out.

Read to drive it out
And then what we left behind, I apologize to my brother and sister-in-law for the mess.

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We are out, thanks to MAC towing,  ready to go visit friends.  We left the trailer behind with hopes that the yard would dry out in our week absence, and if not made contingency plans with the tow truck to come back and help get the trailer out.

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