January 26, 2015

January Meanderings

Following is a detailed version of what we outlined in our Planning: 1st half of 2015 post:

We stayed in Fairbanks during the Holidays, and then towards the end of January started a tour of friends, family and events.  We engaged a couple of house-sitters, and we knew the house and cats would be in good hands.

Bill left Fairbanks on the 21st and headed to Wrangell to check on Denali Rose, and do a few maintenance projects.  He replaced the shore power connector that had failed earlier with the new Smartplug setup, and did some engine work.

In the pilot house, looking down into the engine room.

Bill left Wrangell, and flew to Seattle to commission the truck and camper for our upcoming road trips.  I joined him in Seattle on Feb 26th, and we spent the next 4 days at the Seattle Boat Show.

There were boats! boats! and more boats! And then there were the vendors!  Anything even remotely connected to boats was on display, to play with, purchase, or talk to the experts about.  Everyday also had lectures, demonstrations, and workshops, we managed to make of few them as well. We succeeded in leaving our currency behind in many places, especially since we could load it into our trailer and drive the supplies to Wrangell.  This was a terrific way to avoid shipping costs.

The next Party Boat for Big Lake, very plush!

We got to spend a day at the show with Alexa, and it was great to connect and spend some time together.

Alexa's favorite little tug.  It was pretty cute.

A Plane-Boat..
This was pretty interesting.  Check them out. Aero They already had orders for 50 of them.

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