February 1, 2015

February Meanderings

        Following is a detailed version of what we outlined in our Planning: 1st half of 2015 post:

We attended a jazz concert our last evening in Seattle before we left for Maryland.  We were as close to the stage as I need to be! Great concert, lots of fun!
The Rippingtons
Early next morning it was off to Bowie, Maryland for our usual SuperBowl party at our friends Bill, and Maureen.  The east coast had severe weather predicted, but it was to the north of us, and we enjoyed 40/50 degrees.  We always have great food, conversation, and outings at the "Peterson B & B".

One of our great outings, was a trip to the Annapolis Naval Museum. Exhibits ranged from the 1700's to today, and it kept me, (the museum lover), and the two Bills occupied all afternoon.

A model of the signing of surrender from the Japanese

The sextant used on the Admiral Byrd"s 1938 expedition to the Antarctic.

Commodore Matthew Perry, among other accomplishments, credited with helping to establish the curriculum at the Naval Academy.
They had a whole floor of ship models that were made in the 1700s. The intricate details on these models was amazing!

Even the cabinets were extraordinary.

Hand-written flag book.

Then it was off to Pennsylvania to visit the previous owners of Denali Rose.  We were looking forward to our visit to catch up with Jack and Fred (Susan), and to see the pre-Civil War home that they bought and were restoring. They have incorporated the old cookhouse, and smokehouse, and made them the pantry and dining room, as well as highlighted the original hand-hewed hemlock logs the house was made with. It will be a spectacular home when they are finished.

The town of Greencastle has some very beautiful architecture.
Cool architecture doesn't include the water tower, although, to an Alaskan, it's very different to see.

This home is across the street from Jack and Fred, it has been converted into apartments. How cool to live there?
Jack and Fred have very quiet neighbors:

We had a very nice day catching up on house stories, and Denali Rose stories.  We look forward to our next east coast visit, and to seeing the progress.

Next stop was - back to Seattle to pick up the truck/camper and head to Oregon. We ended up with a small hitch in the plans.

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