June 24, 2014

Our Projects begin... (New Anchor Windlass)

Windlass: Condition resulting from successful treatment in a windward. 
Windward: Section of hospital for boaters with chronic gas problems.
(Humorous Sailing Definitions by Peter W. Damisch)
One of our first projects was installing a new anchor windlass and replacing the old rusted anchor chain. We chose a Lighthouse Manufacturing model 1501 with two chain gypsies and one rope drum, and replaced the 3/8" BBB chain with 5/16" G4 [High-test] chain to gain strength while loosing weight.  

We can now retrieve two anchors simultaneously if we ever need to... Sweet. 

Boat Bling.
Lighthouse 1501 stainless steel windlass and custom deck plate
Lighthouse 1501 stainless steel windlass and custom deck plate

The finished install a year later showing 60lb CQR on port, and an 80lb Supermax [main bower] starboard.
Note: Our bow configuration changed in Jan-2017 with a new main bower... 

Want to see more details? Our install is story-boarded on Google+. [Go to the story-board link and click on the 1st photo to start the manual slideshow and to see the written details.]

The photos are in project order, most with detailed written information for you to scrutinize... 
Design Note: Windlasses require at least a 90°wrap of the chain around the chain gypsy to operate correctly under load. [i.e., 1/4 of a turn minimum... more is better...] 
Less than 90° can cause the chain to hop on the gypsy under load. [Assuming perfectly matched ISO chain and gypsy.] 
Vertical windlasses have no problem with a chain wrap exceeding 90°; sometimes that can be a challenge with a horizontal windlass. 
To improve the chain lead-in angle one can either raise the windlass or lower the chain as demonstrated in the following photos:

Notes from personal experience about anchor chain:
  • There are many reputable chain manufacturers, and many of the other type... Choose wisely, and most importantly, make sure it fits your windlass...
  • ACCO- the brand we chose [and perhaps others?]- stamps every link with a G4. This is a quick check for authenticity... Many brands stamp every 4th link or so...
  • In the 2 years since we bought this chain, and 400+ overnights at anchor [averaging 60+ feet of depth i.e., most of the 360ft of main bower chain is submerged most times...] we have seen no rust appear anywhere...
  • We rinse our chain with raw water as it is retrieved each time. [i.e., It is stowed with no mud clinging to the chain...]
  • We freshwater rinse our chain every time after it is piled into the chain locker.
  • Don't buy HT [G4 or G7] chain unless they can provide a copy of the Proof Certificate from the manufacturer. [One comes with the chain from reputable manufacturers... (One was on top of our barrel of chain...) It is the validation of the results of tensile testing of the length of chain you purchased.]

Additional Resources:

Lighthouse Windlass Model 1501 Features: [From the manufacturer's website]

    Port and Starboard chain retrieval and payout can be independently operated, or can be simultaneously operated in opposite directions (paying out one while retrieving another) also allows rope wildcats to be operated either independent of chain operations, or in conjunction with chain operations.
    Fast rewind socket port and starboard, or an amazing 10,200 lbs. On 2nd speed, with only 35 lbs. Exerted on a 10" winch handle, in kedging socket located on top of winch. [This is a beast of a manual kedge...] Both manual modes are used in conjunction with a standard winch handle. Rope wildcat allows rapid rope retrieval and can be tailed, even under power.
    Continuous duty linear power unit (no field windings to burn out). No external grounding required (unit cannot induce electrolysis). No overload protector required for motor. Reversing is optional without changing the motor. 12v, 24v, 32v, 110/220 VAC, and Hydraulic power are available.
    All stainless steel type 316L construction, sealed case lifetime lithium lubrication, mounted to built-in base plate. Comes with chain pipes and cast urethane deck seal. [We clamped 2" ID exhaust hose to both SS chain pipes below deck to direct and quiet the chain.]
    Required deck space for mounting plate is L10" X W11.6", bowsprit mounts L12" X W4". Mounts with (6) ½" bolts. Motor mounts under deck and requires only 2" hole. Optional [SS] backing plates are available from the factory. [We had one custom made for a very reasonable price.]
    Standard cast bronze chromed gypsy and stainless steel wildcat port and starboard. ¼" through 7/16" BBB, PC, or System 40 HT are standard, others available on request.
    • 12v: free run=8amps/rated pull=80amps
    • 24v: free run=4amps/rated pull=40amps
    Continuous line pull at 12v - 32v 1000 lbs. @ 37 fpm.
    Maximum, depends on available amperage from power supply.
    Height: 8" (203.2mm)
    Length: 9.5" (241.3mm)
    Width: 24" (609.60mm) [This is for the dual gypsy, dual rope drum model.]
    Weight 110 lbs. (50.00 Kg)
    Depth: From top of deck: 14.5" (368.3mm). Unit will accept up to 4.5" (114.3mm) deck thickness as standard. Optional extension housings to 48"

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