February 16, 2018

Friday Funny 2-16/18 (PT Olympics)

Yummy Olympic food

I'm not sitting as much as I was before, I try to get up and "walk" around every hour or so. I'm working my knee, and ankle, while putting some weight on my leg. Commercials are a great time to move while watching Olympics on TV. I can pretend I'm in my own Olympic training camp.

Take Lindsey Vonn for example, did you see her horrific crash, and airlift via a backboard a few years ago? I've also been seeing her rehab physical therapy routines on TV. All of that makes me look like a whiny, wimpy, slacker . Sheesh, and she's back in the 2018 Olympics!  

Tug, pull!

I read a joke somewhere that said the real winner of the Olympic events, was the worldwide spandex industry. I chuckled at that. I can't even imagine how much time, effort, and money went into designing, and producing all of those uniforms. 

They had curling on a big screen while I was doing my physical therapy the other day. Even though curling is a really big sport in Fairbanks, (where I used to live), I never went, or learned it's rules. Watching it without sound is sort of like watching bowling, or golf. Yes, I know there are people out there who love those sports.. maybe you, don't send me hate mail. I think they are kind of slow moving on TV.

I don't do much housework right now.

Curling also has a mixed doubles team event. It can make for a complicated relationship if your significant other is your competitive partner. The couple from Norway have been known to argue it out. I think that would be difficult in front of the entire watching world. Article here.

Also, 7 Fascinating Facts About Curling, The Oddest Sport At The Winter Olympics.  Just in case you were curious about rules, terms, and where the stones are made.

We're actively working on my return to Denali Rose, and my life. I'm going to be on crutches for awhile more, as weight-bearing is permitted, or tolerated, but I think I can maneuver the boat now. We have built in handholds everywhere onboard, and with one crutch, I can get around from handhold to handhold. The main concern is the ice, and snow on the docks, and I'll have to use the ramps at high tide. 😀  I'm getting those spikey things that attach to the foot of a crutch in order to keep a good footing and not slip. I can do the  exercises, and wait on healing in my own space, and bed. I also need to let my family have their lives, and their home back. We haven't got an exact date yet, but we're narrowing it down. Hallelujah!

What's your favorite sport, is it in the Olympics? Do you play a sport, do you want to be in the Olympics?

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February 9, 2018

Friday Funny 2-9/18 (Nothing)

Hopefully not.

I couldn't think of a topic this week, so I googled, "I have nothing to say." You have already seen the results of that search. I still don't have anything to say, so that's my poetry.

Do you have anything to say?

Oh, and Valentines Day is next week, here's one for you.


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February 2, 2018

Friday Funny 02-02/18 (On the Mend?)


As The World Turns, or so goes the Days of my Life....

My last doctor visit was Monday, and he basically said, "Go forth and walk." That advice surprised me, because the x-ray they took that day showed the breaks hadn't healed yet. When the technician put the photo up on the screen, my heart sank, I thought he was going to say, " Another month of non-weight bearing." Guess again! I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, (or in real life).

Bionic leg

I put arrows at the breaks you can see, the fourth one is behind the rod, and pins that now exist inside my leg. 

My knee is kind of numb, and stiff, but doesn't hurt, and moves fairly well. My ankle is still swollen, and has an odd shape. It also sends shooting zingers out to my leg quite frequently. They say it's because the nerves, and surrounding muscles are getting used to the foreign hardware, and it will eventually settle down. I know this is correct advice, because I have titanium hardware in my wrist also, it did the same thing, and now it's fine.

Bill always says, "Injuries will be amputated."

I'm scheduled for my first physical therapy appointment, for my ankle on Friday. Yes, they initially said no PT needed, but that has changed.

I'm going to the PT office that my niece used to work at, and others in my family have gone there for therapy as well. The office recognized my name right away, "Oh, another one needs help." They must think we are a bunch of dare-devils or something. I wore my new hoodie to the doctor's office, they thought it was funny. It will be appropriate for the PT office too.

Stunt Family

Getting ready for the doctor appointment, it's kind of hard to balance with crutches, and take a selfie.

I should stop doing stunts.

I'm really not trying to be the Bionic Woman, unless I can get that cool background sound when I jump.

Go, go go

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