November 3, 2017

Friday Funny 10/03 (A Black and White World)

Do you remember?

You might remember these guys when they look like this:

In color.

I don't participate in Facebook challenges, or "repost this", very often, but my fellow cruising sailor, and blog friend, Melissa, (from Little Cunning Plan), signed me up for the "7 days of black/white photos that illustrate my life, no people, no explanations." 

I don't think of myself as a good photographer, I only have a small point and shoot.  My usual habit is take a bazillion photos, and hope that at least one or two will be fairly decent. I get lucky once in a while. For this challenge, it's been really hard to look at my photos, and then turn a few black and white. I don't know how to look at the shadow/play between light/dark and, I think they look much better in color. Maybe I should take a class sometime.

Day 1 - Looking down the Petersburg dock.


Nothing spectacular about the dock photo.... just a vanishing perspective in the fog that morning.

Day 2 Frederick Sound


We had just holed up in Portage Bay for two days, waiting out storms, and this was the calm weather the day we left. It was quite a difference from the previous day's weather pattern.

Day 3 Fish Sculpture


Head view

I couldn't pass up a chance to go into the Petersburg museum last Saturday. They have a nice collection of historical pieces that tell a story about the town. Look closely, this fish sculpture is made out of silverware, it's cool. Can you see the fins made out of forks, and the tail is made of knives? I think this would make a great figurehead on our bow, if we had such a thing.

I'm only on day 3 of my black, and white challenge, so you'll have to stay tuned for "the rest of the story"

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  1. You've done well! I actually love black and white photography sometimes. I especially like that photo of Frederick Sound. It's more about not being distracted by color in some photos. But yeah, those Teletubbies do look kind of evil in black and white!

    1. Thanks! I love Ansel Adams, he knew how to do black and white.

  2. It amazes me how much better black and white makes certain pictures. Glad you're doing the challenge. You were on my list to tag, but Melissa beat me to it :-)


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