October 2, 2017

Glacier Bay… [in October?!?]

Day 2 in Glacier Bay: We seem to have it all to ourselves. The closest AIS hit so far today was 30 miles out in Icy Strait.

Yesterday was sunny, and last night clear, but alas, no aurora was spotted the times we glimpsed aloft.

We can receive some USCG broadcasts, but cannot hear any marine Wx channels. Therefore we are relying upon our sat phone to download the Wx forecasts, news, WeFax, make this blog post [via email], etc.

Today we made pizza for lunch, water for a week, and did some laundry- all while charging the battery bank. This was in between observing loons, mergansers, black bears, and the odd seal [after the morning fog lifted…]

A gale is supposed to be blowing right next to us off shore tonight and tomorrow- but not come in here. We haven't had a puff of wind in 3 days, and it was dry until 4:30pm today when it started to rain [as predicted…] We think we will wait here in our nice, protected, busy and beautiful anchorage to make sure they are right about the gale staying away…

Where are we exactly?

We attached a photo looking into N Sandy Cove. [It was reduced in size (i.e., not a crisp as it could be…) for optimized transmission through the S L O W sat phone… (i.e., Saving us $ (while simultaneously making you wonder about your visual acuity…) by not taking as long to send it…)]

We are anchored at the base of that bald granite mountain.

We have lots more photos to share once we gain access to some WiFi in the future…

To see where we are on a map, you can always click the 'Where's the boat?' link in the top of the right hand column of every one of our blog pages… That page also has a link to see all our position updates and accompanying reports, and subscribe to them if you are bored…

Back to spying on our bay-mates…


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