May 12, 2017

Friday Funny 05/12 (Mother's Day, of course)

With adulthood comes realization.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers everywhere. 

I found some funny downloadable cards for you, just in case they fit your need.

Maybe your Mother likes wacky humor. 
Here is the website you can download from, and they have more if one of these isn't quite right.

People magazine published an interesting article about the origins of the day. Anna Jarvis, in her home state of West Virginia, was focused on trying to prevent infant mortality by improving sanitary medical conditions for women and children. In 1868, she created Mother's Friendship Day in West Virginia to bring Confederate, and Union mothers together. After her own mother died, she created a Mother's Day, and started the tradition of sending white carnations. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the second Sunday of May as the official Mother's Day. Then the greeting card companies, and florists got ahold of the holiday, and commercialism took over. Anna Jarvis spent most of the rest of her life boycotting, and organizing protests against Mother's Day, saying that commercialism had kidnapped the real meaning behind the holiday.

Since I am unable to actually speak to my Mother, I still honor her anyway. I have previously written about my parents, and the way they have influenced my life. I don't remember if Mom enjoyed boats, but I'm sure she would have welcomed the adventure of a visit to Denali Rose.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Mom's love never ends.

I also honor my beautiful daughter-in-law, who takes care of her family, through my son's active military career, my three grandsons, and is studying for her nursing license. She's a BUSY women.

Happy Mother's Day Veronica!

The hidden cape goes with the "eyes in the back of the head". Roni, I know you have one of these!

Here's a suggestion to avoid the commercialism

A sweet sentiment.

However you celebrate, with an e-card, a phone call, a restaurant meal, or a day away from chores, have a good one!

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  1. What an interesting story about the origins of Mother's Day. I had no idea. Happy Mother's Day to you, Donna.

    1. Thank you Ellen. I like obscure history, I'm glad you enjoyed it too.


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