October 21, 2016

Back to Friday Funny 10/21 (Canadian Manners)

Canadian Stop Sign
Well, we made it. Sold the house, moved out of the house, loaded trailer, truck, camper, and left for Wrangell. (Whole other story....) We drove from Fairbanks to Haines to catch the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to Wrangell. In order to get to Haines, we had to travel through the Yukon Territory, Canada, (motto: Larger Than Life), and British Columbia, Canada, (slogan: Best Place on Earth). We were more than grateful for the lack of snow, dry roads, and plentiful scenic turnouts in which to spend the night in our camper. (Tourist attractions, and campgrounds are all closed for the season.)

Canadians are known for their courtesy, and friendliness, and we had the opportunity to receive some. We stopped at a fuel station in Haines Junction, and filled the truck tank with diesel. We also wanted to refill a five gallon container with gasoline to run the generator that keeps our camper/trailer batteries topped up. Bill put the credit card in the pump, it grabbed the card, and refused to issue any instructions, gas, or release the card. This is an unmanned station, so no human to request help from. Also, the unlocked iphone we have with a Canadian sim card, was refusing to work, due to Bell saying we didn't have any money left in the account. Hmmm...., as we were sitting back wondering the next step, a nice Canadian gentleman stopped, and informed us; that pump had just done the same thing to him, and all he did was grab his card out of the machine with pliers. Easy Peasy. He said that he saw us sitting there, assumed that we had the same trouble, and thought he would help us out.  He actually went home, got some tape, taped over the credit card slot, and wrote, Out of Service on it, so no one else would get caught. Canadians at their best! Thank you anonymous kind Canadian gentleman.


  1. Canadians are so polite :-) I love the story of the guy helping you out with his pliers.

    1. The highway from Haines Jct to Haines is such a beautiful drive. Tourists who come up the Inside Passage to Haines, and then turn around, to go back, really miss out.


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