August 7, 2015

Land Cats Converting to Boat Cats

The auxiliary crew, Elsie and Gus, are slowing making the conversion to becoming boat cats. They will scamper up the companionway and poke their noses outside without any coaxing. Gus, in his gray harness, and Elsie in her red one, have taken walks around the outside deck on leashes, and have been free to wander the back deck and cockpit.
Gus finds this perch interesting.

Which means, Elsie has to try it out as well.

Gus sits at the hatch opening, in case he has to make a hasty retreat.

The sun sure feels good here.
After an outing, a nap is in order....
We're beat!
And then it is nice to relax in the salon in the sun.
Gus takes a lap on leash:
This was in the evening, so the light is a bit muted.
The generator, and the engine don't faze Elsie, as she will continue to roam the boat underway, but she does prefer to sit (meatloaf) atop the shelf over the bed in the rear cabin. Gus, is still somewhat nervous over loud noises, and he prefers to stay nestled up in his shark. This gives him security, and he enjoys our occasional visits to give him a reassuring pat.
"I'll just stay here, thank-you."

Elsie, being the more social animal, has made friends with our guests, and has worn the life-vest, showing she is a certified lifeguard.
Elsie is wondering why she isn't being petted. 

"It's a bit tight...but I am styling in this."
They both like to play "kitty-race-track" at 3:00am, and that's really entertaining. We can hear them leaping, and jumping, as they start from our cabin, run forward to the v-berth, take a lap around the salon, on top of the chart table, and back to the shelf over our bed. 

"HEY, that was fun!" "Let's do it AGAIN!"


  1. I love the shark that Gus hides in! Adorable pictures!

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying it! They are constant entertainment.


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