May 15, 2015

For Sale Fools

That's right, we are the for sale fools, it seems like I spend my days up-listing our possessions on Craigslist or Facebook: Fairbanks free or For Sale. Some money is better than no money, except when we can help someone out who really needs stuff. Some items I could have sold 10 of, like the small table and chairs that I bought from K-Mart 15 years ago. I had people clamoring for it, even someone texted me at 11:30pm and offered more money than I was asking, and said they could pick it up NOW! (uh, no thanks, not at 11:30pm) And dressers are a HOT item here, wow, I could have sold a warehouse full. I saw an ad for a young to-be mother who needed a bed, so we gave her ours at a next to nothing price, and gave her all of our sheets, blankets, etc. She can have any of the kitchen items as well, if she wants them, when we are ready to leave. Clearing out the house also makes it easier to do small touch up jobs, painting, repairing, and deep cleaning. I'm at the point where I want to load everything on the front deck and advertise each item at a dollar, come and get it, no haggling involved.

We did sell our MacGregor 26M trailer sailboat, and Bill delivered it to the new owners in Homer, Alaska. At first it was slow with people looking at our ad, but in the end we had three qualified buyers, who wanted Second Wind, and two of them were disappointed when the buyer transferred the asking price before them.

On the buy side, we have another large trailer for the final stow and load and drive back to Wrangell. We are keeping an eye on the ferry schedule and availability, and so far everything looks good for us to book passage when we are ready. Tourists are heading north, while we are heading south, it works out.
My K-Mart table, now gone to it's new home.

Bookcases are sold, now I have work to do, and clean, repair the wall where it was secured.


  1. You guys are a few steps ahead of us. We are going to try renting our house out furnished (since we are right by the military base with many short-stay officers needing a place to land for a few months). But regardless we have a ton of stuff to offload. So far Craigslist has been our friend, but it does take patience. Like you, I want to get the house cleared out a little bit before trying to do all of those 100's of little things like touching up paint, etc. So many things to do.

    1. Summer is slipping we are going to leave unfinished projects at the house, and go back to the boat anyway. We have someone to live in the house, and Bill will return in the fall to finish. We also live in an area with military bases, and are considering rental as well. AND you are so many things to do....


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