April 26, 2015

Spring is arriving...finally

So spring is happening finally. The driveway no longer has an ice lens on it, and what we like to call Lake Wakefield is starting to spread. This happens until the culvert under the driveway thaws and drains all of the water away.
Looking up the driveway.

Lake Wakefield under the MacGregor on it's trailer.
BUT, one of the best parts of spring is at the UAF farm, the baby boos. Well, technically they are baby reindeer, since the domesticated form of caribou is reindeer, but who doesn't like to say "baby boos". The enclosures had a sign up that said; these pens hold females that are first time mothers, please be respectful. There were about 5 pens, each with 4-5 adult reindeer and their babies. It doesn't get much cuter. You can also participate in naming them.

There is a 2nd fence you don't see in these photos- for humans. That is why we cannot get close enough to take pictures through the openings in the wire fence...

Hey Mom, is this how it's done?
You can see one reindeer with it's antlers still on, she appeared to be kind of cranky. Watch this video of her chasing everyone else, including the other babies. If you look closely at the end, you will see a very tiny baby in the background, that one is hers, and was probably close to newborn. A reason to be cranky....


  1. New babies always bring such hope for a gentler future! Haven't experienced snow like that for a long time. Brrrr.

  2. Yes, brrrr. We arrived back in Fairbanks the first week of March, we parked the truck, it snowed a foot or more, and then the temp dropped to negative 30, yes -30 degrees. We both got the flu, and there we sat. Welcome back..... This was our last winter experience in Fairbanks, (knock on wood), and for that I am grateful! I really love the baby boos, and baby moose too, they are so gangly, but cute.


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